What we do:

Generator Images makes software for primary school classrooms. This can be a conversion from printed material to interactive digital content or it can be a new product designed from the ground up. Our products are often designed for Interactive Whiteboards but are always delivered in a format that allows them to be used on a desktop PC as well. This extends the market to classrooms that don't have an IWB. All of our software is Mac and PC compatible.

A typical project will follow this process:

Development of the content.

This can be from the ground up, or it can be adding interactive content to an existing product. Generator Images have education specialists who can help with either of these approaches.

Interface design:

We can either work to a design provided by your designer or we can develop an interface design for you.

Development of activities / games:

Yes, we used the G word! Whether you decide to make educational activities that focus on deeper and wider thought, or games that make education more fun - we can help.
We have a library of pre-build 'engines' to make the development of activities and games faster and more efficient.

Balloon Game


Not all projects require animation but if yours does we can help. We have 2D and 3D animators in-house, and can also supply traditional cell animation if needed.

Production of the disk

Once all of the pieces are made the disk can be put together. This is where the features of the interface come in to play so we split the process in to 4 stages. This way you have complete control throughout the process and don't discover features you don't like after it's too late.

Delivery of the Master

We go to great lengths to ensure the master disks we deliver are the highest quality. We strongly recommend using a local replicator (these days they don't cost much more and they are a lot more reliable!) but if you decide to use an off-shore replicator we can manage the delivery of the masters to the replicator. We always deliver duplicate masters, as history has shown that some replicators will happily use a scratched master rather than wait for a new one to be delivered!

Regardless of how little or much of the process you need produced - we can help.
Call us now to discuss your project!

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